Maximize your sperm volume, sexual performance, hardness of erections and libido with Spermomax, the natural way to improve sexual health. Now you will be able to satisfy even the most demanding women, and ejaculate like the pornstar you always wanted to be.

By maximising the amount of sperm you ejaculate you are more likely to experience longer orgasms and orgasms which are more intensive and satisfying. Why have two squirts when you can have six? Other benefits include, increased sexual libido and harder erections.

Each bottle contains 60 pills (take 2 per day)

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How do I take it?
The usual dose is 2 pills daily. However you may take up to four pills, if you feel 2 pills isn't enough (never exceed 4 pills within 24hrs). You should take the pills everyday, and will start to notice results after the first week.

Will Spermomax help my erections?
Yes! The powerful herbal extracts in this formula not only increase your volume of ejaculate, but also improve penile performance, allowing you to have hard and satisfying erections every time.

What will I experience when taking Spermomax?
You will experience greater sperm volume, longer and more intensified orgasms, increased sexual desire, powerful ejaculations, bigger and harder erections, and more stamina.

Is there any side-effects?
Generally you will not have any side effects if taken as directed, and you don’t exceed the maximum recommended dose.

What are the ingredients?
The sophisticated blend of herbal powders and extracts in each capsule consists of:

  • Maca extract - Improves sperm health
  • L-Lysine - Improves sperm health
  • L-Arginine - Helps with erections
  • Xian Mao extract - Aphrodisiac
  • Dodder Seed extract - Increases sperm
  • Tribulus Terrestris extract - Boosts Testosterone
  • Tongkat Ali extract - Helps erections
  • Saw Palmetto extract - Good for prostate
  • Zinc - Sperm health
  • Piperine - Helps adsorption of the herbs